25 February 2006 07:00

Spirak Turns One

Hip Hip! Hooray! Spirak turns one! One year ago from today Spirak was conceived. Notepad was opened, where <html> was combined with hours of coding and creativity, to eventually produce Spirak. So what did Spirak look like back then? Check out the below screenshots of Spirak changing through time, or view the original website exactly as it was one year ago: Original Spirak


22nd Janurary 2006 22:30

Free Spirak Email

Along with the change of hosts last month came several great features, one of which was free email addresses. There are two types of email, fixed and forwarding; both are available, although i recommend fixed due to the compatibility. Shortly after you sign up you will receive an email about using your To apply for an email Click here.

18th December 20:40

100 Game Overs

Finally after what seemed like months of unwanted chores all of the 100 games were uploaded day by day, as promised. This method of adding games was incredibly cumbersome, due to this the quality of games chosen for selection were significantly lesser than that of the freelance games, as I struggled to find a game worth putting on, which meant I had to go with second best. As it was such a bother to upload a game religiously I doubt whether there shall be another 100 games in 100 days. Sorry if you were looking forward for one. More games, movies, downloads will be added just via a different system. If you have a game etc. and you think it is Spirak material, don't hesitate to send it to me.

7th December 01:00

Spirak has moved...Again

As of 1am this morning Spirak relocated to a new server. Our previous hoster, NimbleHost, suddenly became non-existent at the end of last month, which is the reason for Spirak's temperamental appearance over the past few weeks. We wish to apologise for any inconvenience this distance may have caused. This change is for the good, we will have email accounts, extra server space, mySQL databases and much, much more...

29 October 22:00

50 Down 50 to Go

It has been 50 days since Spirak decided it would add one (1) game every day for 100 days. As of today 50 games have been added, meaning there is 50 remaining to be added over another 50 days. As there is still quite a long period of time left, members of the Spirak community can suggest what game(s) they would like to be added. One may recommend what type of game(s) are to be added in the forum, as linked above.

26 September 20:00

Ranked 1st in Yahoo

Since the 24/09/05, Spirak has been ranked first in one of the webs largest search engines, that of Yahoo. This should result in more members joining the Spirak community. Click the thumbnail below to view the ranking, or go to Yahoo and see for yourself.

1st in Yahoo
10 September 16:00

100 Games in 100 Days

Starting today, Spirak intends to add one (1) game every single day for 100 days. Users may post suggestions on the forum as to what types of games are added. If you have a favourite game and wish to submit it to Spirak, feel free to email it to the admin:

10 September 00:20

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional

Today Spirak was officially approved as valid HTML 4.01 transitional. This means we are up to standards on our HTML coding. As a result of this successful validation, it is more probable that Spirak will be found in major search engines. We have received this as a token of the W3C's satisfaction: Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
You may view our certificate from the W3C here.

29 August 23:40

Fixed and Parked

Over the past few days Spirak has been up and down due to the parking of our new domain. Spirak is now up and running to its fullest, with a fully functional forum. Unfortunately the forum cannot be placed into the frames of this site. I strongly advise everyone to sign up to the forums and officially become a member of the Spirak community.

25 August 23:00


The forum is up and running. You may access it by clicking the navigational button at the top, entitled 'Forum'. Where you can sign up for an account and post comments at your will.

21 August 13:30

Spirak has moved

As of 12am last night Spirak moved from its original Dot TK to its current domain that of I believe the change is for the good and shall bring Spirak up amongst other websites.

19 August 17:00


Several people have asked me why I have left certain passwords on some downloads, the reason for this is because there has to be a limit to the level of distribution. Only members of the Spirak community may download files, passwords enforce this rule. If you have any problems or want to join the Spirak community, feel free to email the admin @

11 July 18:00

100 Hits

Today Spirak received its 100th hit; this means 100 different people have visited Spirak at some time since its release. 9 new games have also been added to the Games section of this web site and a brand new Movies section is in development.

30 June 22:00

Spirak Officially Released

Today Spirak was officially released and all the passwords were removed; which allows access for the general public. Spirak hopes every viewer enjoys their stay!
All feedback can be sent to The Admin. More news coming soon...